Kaushal Army… What is Kaushal Army? How Kaushal Army formed? Before knowing about Kaushal Army let us first know who is Kaushal Manda.

Kaushal Manda Biography


Kaushal Manda is a small TV actor. He is an allrounder, multi-talented person. He is an actor, film director, casting director, model, fashion choreographer, event manager, ad agency owner and an entrepreneur. Kaushal was born on 13th of May 1981. He was born and brought up in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag). Now, he is settled in Hyderabad. He is married and was blessed with a son and a daughter.

This is some brief information about Kaushal Manda. Kaushal stepped as one of the contestants in Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu. He is a well-known television actor for some audience but he is not that popular like Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, Tejaswi etc.

Kaushal in the Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu



In the initial days of the Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu show, Kaushal was moving around the female contestants in the house all the time. Some of them raised their problem with the Kaushal’s behaviour.

Kaushal was in the nominations for first two weeks. He somehow got escaped in the first week and in the second week, he was actually in the risk to get evicted from the show. But that in mid-week, situations turned out. Kaushal became the hero and won many hearts of the audience.

What is Kaushal Army?


Kaushal Army is the group of people who are supporting, encouraging, motivating, campaigning for the Kaushal to win the Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu title, winner. The fans of the Kaushal created with the name Kaushal Army and start voting for him and stood for him. In fact, Because of the Kiriti Damaraju’s behaviour towards Kaushal made fans of Kaushal to create as Kaushal Army.

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How Kaushal Army Formed?



This is what actually happened. In the mid-week of the second week. There held a task. In that task, Kiriti Damaraju has tortured Kaushal by squeezing lemon into the eyes of the Kaushal. Kaushal got very angry with his behaviour towards him. He asked Kiriti after the completion of the task. Kiriti told that female contestants have some problem with the Kaushal’s behaviour. Kaushal asked all the women in the house and proved that Kiriti’s claims wrong. None of the female contestants in the house supported Kiriti’s allegations on Kaushal.

The Audience who are watching the whole scene got sympathy towards Kaushal. The audience became huge fans for Kaushal. And there formed with the name Kaushal Army to support Kaushal. Kaushal was blamed, targeted by each housemate in the Bigg Boss house that created some emotional attachment with Kaushal to the audience. He is straightforward, Daring and with lots of patience fighting for his dream to get the title winner of Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu.

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