Peggo APK

Peggo is a DVR which means Digital Video Recorder which records the MP3 and MP3 of your favorite from SoundCloud tracks and Youtube. This is an android application and is simple to use with many great features. While watching some videos you will sometimes think to download it but thinks that it will be a big process and resist your thoughts. Do not resist your thoughts from it because there is a great app for you which is called PEGGO APK.


Let us look some features of this PEGGO APK and know more about this android application.

Features of Peggo APK:

This application is packed with many features. One will be hurry to download it as soon as they complete seeing the features. Why wait? scroll down.

  • Easy to download with just a single click.
  • Can install easily.
  • Registration and Login are required but can use it without the registration and sign-in.
  • Easy to search your favorite one.
  • You can copy and paste the link in the search bar.
  • Notified while downloading
  • Can Enable or Disable the status bar notifications at any time.
  • One can change the download location in the settings.
  • Record audio Quality of your desires.
  • Contact any time by using the contact us if you face any trouble with the application.
  • Download icon is available so that one can view all the downloaded videos at one place.
  • This app is really fast and secure.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • The quality of the songs or MP3 is of High-quality.
  • One can record MP3 or songs and also MP4 or videos.
  • Same volume for all normalized MP3s.
  • Can adjust the volume at your comfort levels.
  • Silence removal is available so that you can remove silence at the beginning of the song and end of the song.
  • One can record or download from where to where the song is necessary like setting the time From to To.
  • Real-time Recording. Downloading of songs are quick and easy. Wait for nothing- Download starts immediately.
  • It has ID3 tags. One can give desired title name and artist there itself.
  • Unpleasant or annoying advertisements are not there to bother. No pop-up advertisements, No pop-up advertisement videos no advertisements at all. Is it not interesting?

Download and Install PEGGO TV APK for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac:

Google PlayStore does not have PEGGO APP. Before downloading this app, make sure your mobile allows third-party apps. You can follow the same process for Android, Windows(PC or Laptops), iPhone, iOS, MAC.

How to enable unknown sources?

  • Goto the mobile settings.
  • Scroll down and click on additional settings.
  • Click on privacy in additional settings.
  • Click on Unknown sources and enable it.

Settings>>>Additional settings>>>Privacy>>>Unknown sources.

You can download Peggo Tv APK from here. Download Peggo APK

Once the download completes from the above-given link. Open it and click to install. Usually, it takes very less time for the downloading and installation process. Open it and enjoy your favorite music by downloading.


How to search in Peggo TV APK?

There are two methods to search your favorite song in Peggo APK.

  1. You can Copy(Ctrl+c) the URL of your favorite song and paste(Ctrl+v) in the search bar.
  2. One can search for the song directly in the search bar of Peggo APK.


The PEGGO TV APK is a just amazing app to download the songs or videos very easily. No issues with the app. The same process is for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac. Download the app and enjoy.