Propose Day is the second most day of Valentine Week. Happy Propose Day is February 8th around the world. It’s celebrated after Rose Day and, as the name implies, Propose Day is a day where people express their feelings to those they like most. This year it will fall on Friday. To tell someone how you think about him can be a huge challenge. Propose Day is the perfect day to move forward and do it.

Here are some thoughtful Wishes, text messages, quotes, pictures, and WhatsApp messages to send this Propose day:

Happy Propose Day 2019 Images

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This Valentine week is a celebration of love, so go ahead and let this special person know how you feel about them, or remind your partner how much they are important to you, Wishing a happy Propose day to them. Respect this Propose day of other people’s feelings. And to help you with this scary task, we have several quotes and pictures with suggestions for a day that will help you express your feelings.

On this special day I want to say: Grow old along with me, the best is still.
Will you accept to spend the rest of your life with me?

Happy Propose Day Pictures 2019

I will give you all my love
I promise to stay forever
And stay true to you
Happy Propose Day, dear Valentine


There are many love stories in this world, but we have the most beloved ones. It’s sweet because you are in the love story. Do you want to be with me forever?

Today’s second day Valentine week, which started just two days ago. Love is already in the air, and in my life, because of you. Happy Propose day, honey.

Happy Propose Day Wishes 2019

Did you know that they changed the alphabet?
They put you and me together.
Happy Propose day!


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You around me make me happy. You showed me how real happiness looks.
Happy Propose day!

Life is about all our roads, some smooth, Some rough. Do you want to travel with me, regardless of the road we travel? When you are with me, all roads are flat. Happy Propose day!

Happy Propose Day Poems 2019

No poems
No nice words
Just my real feelings
For you my love
Happy Propose Day 🙂

Happy-Propose-Day Propose-Day-Images-2019

If you let me, I promise to hold your hands thick and thin
To make you smile when you’re sad
And bring the soup when you’re sick
Happy Propose Day, honey


You never know when love comes finds you. But I think I found it with you. You are surrounded by the best feeling in the world and this Propose Day that I want to ask you … Do you want to be mine forever?

Happy Propose Day Greetings 2019

If you are in love with someone and want to bring him out, Propose Day is the best. Ask for a tender day and send it to your loved one or adorable and let her feel special. You can download Propose Day’s hopes for Hindu, suggest daily offers for girlfriends, suggest daily offers to a friend/husband and suggest daily pictures for your wife here.


If you already have a girlfriend and want to impress her, ask the Propose Day quotes from your daughter here and send it to her. No matter how far you are, he loves you again. You can also share these suggestions on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. So Imagine your loved one in a new style and win your heart forever.

Happy Propose Day Status for WhatsApp

Thinking of you all the time, will you become mine forever? I have to say that I love you, I can’t live my life without you. It would be long and boring. Happy to suggest a day!

Love is not what you find Love is something you find … I want to be with you until the sun falls from the sky.


On this special day I want to say, grow old with me, the best things I still have to do. Would you accept to spend the rest of your life with me? Happy to suggest a day!

Propose Day is celebrated next to Rose Day. Today, couples present gifts and chocolates to each other. People who are single and loving share their feelings with him. Choose the latest SMS from Propose Day and make the best half-smile.

Happy Propose Day Status for Facebook

You are unique, you are a caring and you are the best and I am the happiest in my life! Happy Propose Day my dear heart … !!!


I have a true heart, but now it left me, so take care of it just like me, B’COZ I have no heart and no two. Happy to suggest a day…

Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is one word and everything is in between. Love is a fairy tale that comes true. Because I found love when I found you. I would gladly recommend the day to my beloved

Happy Propose Day Wallpapers

Your eyes are like a blue ocean, your lips are like the most natural part. I want to spend my life with you all the time. I would gladly recommend the day to my beloved

Good or bad times, I am always there, so I could wake you up or just hold your hand and say: I know how you feel and I care about you. Happy Propose day!

Happy-Propose-Day-Quotes-2019  Happy-Propose-Day-Gifs

As long as the stars sparkle in the sky, as long as the angels are high there until the ocean runs dry and until I die. I will love you. Happy Propose Day

I don’t know why I like you, I don’t know why I feel sad days when I don’t see your face, I know only one thing that has no meaning without you …

Happy Propose Day Quotes 2019

I’ve never seen such a sweet face as before. My heart has left her home and cannot return. Stay with me forever. Happy Propose day!


Place me a place in your heart and not in your mind because your mind forgets, but the heart will always remember it. I love you. Happy Propose day!

Happy Propose Day Sayings

You are unique, you care and you are the best. And I’m the happiest that I had in my life! Happy Propose Day My Sweet Heart!

A sweet way to imagine: Sorry, you have plaster, because I scraped my heart when I fell in love with you. Will you be mine ..?


You are not someone I want to be, you are someone I can’t be without. Stay in my life forever and ever … I love you.
Happy Propose Day

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