Happy Independence Day Images, Quotes, Status, Wishes, Greetings, Messages: Happy Independence Day to each and every Indian. We celebrate Independence Day on the 15th of August every year. Independence Day is the most important day for every Indian where every citizen remembers the efforts of the freedom fighters and responsibilities and duties as an Indian citizen. Here we are providing Happy Independence Day Images, Wishes, Wallpapers, Quotes, Greetings, Status to share with everyone.

Happy Independence Day Images

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Patriotic Pictures for Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day Wallpapers




Happy Independence Day Pics

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Happy Independence Day Messages

Celebrate a difficult freedom … respect your country of origin … free of foreign rules … Happy August 15

Independence Day is an opportunity to celebrate and remember … … and face those who fought to give us this gift; Happy Independence Day on August 15th

Capture and mark a national flag … up and down … rejoice and share our national pride



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State indicators cover the colours… orange, white and green … it combines unity, prosperity and peace

Celebrate in the spirit of independent India, a climax … a blessed freedom to rise to the sky free

It makes my heart with perforated pride,
to see the colours of Independence Day spreading happiness and good joys around.
Happy Independence Day 2018

Celebrate the free spirit of India.
This Independence Day fills your happiness and well-being with your life.
Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy Independence Day Wishes

Being proud to be part of such a glorious nation.
Send my warm patriotic desire to make this day memorable.

We belong to India with the pride of the nation
Happy Independence Day 2018

Feel proud of Indian.
Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy-Independence-Day-Wishes-2018 Indian-Independence-wishes

We welcome the Nation
On Independence Day!

Thousands set their lives like this
Our country can celebrate that day
Do not forget about your sacrifices …
Happy Independence Day!

Make a decision
Value with us
Do not forget these victims,
Who gave us freedom
Happy Independence Day 2018

Independence day
This is where dreams come true for a new future …
Now and always, a happy Independence Day for you.

Independence is a precious gift from God.
It can always be independent.
Very happy Independence Day for you.

Happy Independence Day Status for WhatsApp

When we are glad of today
Remember that no nation is perfect
It must be perfect
Happy Independence Day 2018
Proud of being Indian

Oh, an Indian tricycle
Always fly high …
Warm wishes …
Independence Day Great Opportunity

Thousands of soldiers set their lives so we can live freely. Mandatory for martyrdom
Happy Independence Day !!

Give our national heroes who have lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. Dad dad

Recalling the highest sacrifices of martyrs of this Independence Day. Be safe and festive.




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Happy-Independence-Day-Status Happy-Independence-Day-Status-in-Hindi-English-2018

It makes my heart proud that I am a citizen of such a reputation. Happy Independence Day!

May the honour of independence be with you forever.
Happy Independence Day !!

Salutes the supreme sacrifices of the soldiers who have laid the ground in their lives. Happy Independence Day !!

Always keep the spirit of patriotism
Shining inside you
With pride, INDIAN.

Happy Independence Day Status for Facebook

I wish you a happy Independence Day
Make our country progress everywhere and in everything

Salute the martyrs
Because of the sacrifices they made
And thanks to them
Give us today

We must respect all the great souls
Who puts his life in his country
Feel proud and Indian





Thousands set their lives,
So our country breathes today
Do not forget your sacrifices
Good day of independence.

The Indians, my pride

Carefully taken care of, pride dishes,
Dear love, flying glory,
Free moments of joy in the snow.
He is proud of Indian independence and happiness.

Happy 15.8.2018

Freedom in mind, believe in the word
Pride in our hearts,
Memories in our souls.
Give a nation of greetings
Happy Independence Day 2018

I love India

We make a decision,
With the value,
Do not forget the sacrifices
Who gave us the freedom.
Now is our reform

Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy Independence Day Greetings

Be the cause of the unit,
The fight against corruption,
Flair the flag of our town
Happy Independence Day 2018

All countries of origin must be respected,
Do not let politics go by the way.
Without them, the freedom would have died
What they did, we can not pay.
Happy Independence Day for all Indians

Celebrate the free spirit of India
This Day of Independence
Fill your life with happiness and well-being
Happy Independence Day 2018



Freedom in the mind,
Believe in words …
Pride in our souls …
We salute Nation …
Independence Day!
Vande Mataram

It’s time to show our freedom.
Let me listen
Do not follow other steps
Let yourself fly for free
You are, of course!
Happy Independence Day 2018

Life is full of vibrations, without bombs
But harmony and happiness
Enjoy it completely with Fat, Spirituality and Rhythm.
Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy Independence Day Quotes

The freedom in the blood was taken that occurred him. Happy Independence Day 2018

Freedom is just an opportunity to be better.

Freedom is the freedom of the valuable gift of the soldiers.



We will jointly facilitate our glorious nation and we are proud to be Indians! I wish you a Happy Independence Day 2018

A nation, a vision, an identity, any nation is perfect, it is perfect. Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate the free spirit of India. This Independence Day fills your life with happiness and well-being. Happy Independence Day 2018

Love for my people is worthy
My human love is infinite
Everything I need for my country is good luck
Let me be the first
I wish you a Happy Independence Day 2018

Independence is a precious gift from God.
We can always be alone as a very happy Independence day for you.

Happy Independence Day Patriotic Poems

It’s a day to celebrate and encourage,
August 15th is finally here!
We all join together
And protect our country forever!

We all belong to the blood of free fighters,
Stay together to remember them today,
For each violence, they gave answers calmly,
Remember, therefore, the Independence Day!

The loved Indians,
We celebrate and enjoy the freedom to live
regardless of our country,
Maybe, luckily, remembering peacefully
the national heroes that gave us
Freedom after suffering and humiliation.
Pretty Indian
Happy Independence Day 2018




Being proud to be part of such a glorious nation.
Send my warm patriotic desire to make this day memorable.

I wish everyone 72. Happy Independence Day
We must promote our country everywhere and everything
So that the whole world is proud of us
Hindustan Zindabad

Make a decision
Value with us
Do not forget these victims,
Who gave us freedom

Happy Independence Day Sayings

“Do not ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your own country.” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
“The freedom of the blood was taken that occurred him”. Happy Independence Day 2018
“Free in the mind, believe in the word, the pride of our souls … Give us a greeting of the nation”
“Be proud of the celebration of India in India and its 72nd Independence Day.”


Happy-Independence-Day-Sayings independence-day-hindi-Sayings
“Freedom is not free … Let’s remember and respect those who left this great heritage.”
“Nothing is as valuable as independence and freedom.”
“No matter the weather, we celebrate Independence Day together.”
Origin is independence, not rebellion; It’s the sincerity, not the antagonism: George Henry Lewes
“The flag does not want the wind to move it, fly with the last breath of every soldier who died to protect him.” Indian Army

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