Gmail is the email service provided by Google to send emails using Gmail ID and Password. In Gmail, G stands for Google. It has a huge memory to store the data. Having a Google account or Gmail account is best to use it to start smartphones or any device. Gmail account is used for many purposes. One can chit chat, Send emails, share Photos, Share Pdf files and many more. Gmail Strikethrough is used to strike out the text in Gmail.


How to create a Gmail account?

  • Open your browser.
  • Search for Gmail in the search engine or Google.
  • Or click
  • Click Create an account.
  • Sign up with the details asked to continue to Gmail.


Gmail Strikethrough


Strikethrough is nothing but the horizontal line on the text or draws a line through the middle of the selected text. We find strikethrough option in Docs, Microsoft Word etc. but we do not find it in Gmail. So this article is about how to strikethrough in Gmail. Check out the process.

Gmail Strikethrough is done in Three ways.

  1. By using HTML.
  2. By using Docs or Microsoft Word.
  3. Using Gmail Strikethrough extension.

Gmail Strikethrough by using HTML

  • Select any text in the Gmail that you want to strike out.
  • Right-click on the text you have chosen to strikethrough
  • Click on inspect element.
  • As soon as you click to inspect the selected text, It opens and highlights below.
  • Right-click on the selected text and click Edit as HTML.
  • Insert <strike> tag to it. Example: If you want to strike “Gmail”, Edit HTML as “<strike>Gmail</strike>”. and save. That’s it.

Gmail Strikethrough by Using Docs or Microsoft Word

  • Open Microsoft Word or MS Word or Google Docs.
  • Write down the text there and use an icon strikethrough in the above-given bar.
  • After clicking on the strikethrough icon, the selected text will be drawn from the middle of the text.
  • Just copy(Ctrl+C) and Paste in Gmail(Ctrl+V).

Gmail Strikethrough by using Strikethrough Extension

  • Open your browser and search for Gmail Strikethrough Extension.
  • Open the Extension and add to your browser.
  • Select the text and right click on it.
  • You will see strikethrough option. Click on it.
  • Click on it again to not to strike the text.