Blackmart Alpha Apk

Blackmart is the application which is the best alternative to PlayStore. PlayStore contains many apps which are a combination of paid and unpaid apps. But believe the fact that, Blackmart APK contains apps which are free. The paid apps which are available in PlayStore are for free in this Blackmart Alpha APK. Blackmart is available in all operating systems. It is available for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac etc.


Note: As Blackmart is the competition or against to PlayStore, We do not find Blackmart App in PlayStore.

Features of Blackmart Alpha Apk

There are many features of Blackmart Alpha APK Which makes us surprised. We will have a look about the features now. Scroll down.

  • Blackmart is not a paid APK. One can get easily from anywhere.
  • No registration is required to use Blackmart like PlayStore.
  • No need of putting your Gmail, Hotmail or signup with any mail or google.
  • Login is not at all required to use Blackmart APK.
  • The app is user-friendly.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to download.
  • Easy to Install.
  • A multilingual option is available so that one can select any language they want.
  • Downloading and installing takes no time for all the applications.
  • One can download unlimited apps for free.
  • You can download premium or paid apps also for free.
  • The apps which you are downloaded will be stored in SD card.
  • Apps you get are not trial versions they are of full versions which you can undoubtedly enjoy using it.
  • Blackmart app contains billions of apps.
  • Downloaded apps contain all the apps which you will download.
  • sorting option is available.
  • You can filter the apps from paid, free and all.
  • Separate section for Just-in apps and Top apps.
  • Apps are in category wise like Music apps, game apps etc.

Information about Blackmart Alpha App



MINIMUM REQUIRED VERSION: Above Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)




Blackmart Alpha APK download for Android:

After seeing all the features, Hurry to download the app as quickly as possible? let us see. Blackmart will not be available in PlayStore and it is similar and against. Because of the fact that it offers for free for paid apps also obviously Google will not allow Blackmart in PlayStore. In order to download the Blackmart Alpha APK to avail and enjoy using paid apps click the download link below.

Download BlackMart APK

Installation Process of Blackmart Alpha APK

The installation process is simple but to allow apps from third-party, one should enable unknown sources in the mobile settings. This is because Google by default does not allow the apps from unknown or third-party sources.

How to enable unknown sources

  • Goto settings
  • Click Additional settings.
  • Goto Privacy in additional settings.
  • Then click on the icon Unknown Sources.

Settings–> Additional Settings–> Privacy–> Unknown sources.

Blackmart Alpha Apk for PC and Laptops-Windows, Mac

There are two ways through which you can download and install Blackmart APK for PC, Laptops, and MAC.

  1. Bluestacks.
  2. Nox Player.

1. Download and Install Blackmart Alpha APK for PC, Laptops, and Mac from Bluestacks


Follow the steps to download and install Black Market APP from Bluestacks.

  • Open PC, Laptop or Mac.
  • Search in the search engine or Google for Bluestacks and download Bluestacks emulator to Laptop, PC or Mac.
  • Download Bluestacks emulator directly from here.
  • Once the Bluestacks emulator is downloaded open it and run the emulator.
  • Installation takes some time and once it is completed, search for Blackmart APK in the search bar of Bluestacks.
  • Application list will be displayed. click Blackmart app and install. that’s it.

2. Download and Install Blackmart Alpha APK for PC, Laptops, and Mac from Nox Player


Steps to follow to download and install Black Market APP from Nox Player.

  • Open Laptop or Mac or PC to which you want to download.
  • Open Google or any search engine and search for Nox Player and download it.
  • You can directly download Nox Player from here.
  • Add Blackmart Alpha APK to your Laptop or PC or Mac from the given link and then download and install from it.
  • The process of installation takes some time and then it is done.

Black Market Apk for iPhone, iPad, iOS

To download Blackmart Apk for iPhone or iPad we have many alternatives some of them is

  • Cydia
  • Appcake
  • Vshare
  • Kuaiyong and many more

Installation Process for iPhone, iOS, iPad

  1. Firstly, Enable unknown sources and Download Blackmart alpha APK prior to going for installation.
  2. Then download Cydia Impactor Tool and run it.
  3. Open the location of Blackmart file on Cydia Impactor Tool.
  4. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  5. Goto the settings of your device.
  6. Find general setting and click on it.
  7. Then move on to profile settings.
  8. Later to Device Management to open the Blackmart file.

Here the installation process completes. Now you can enjoy downloading premium and free apps from BlackMart APK.

Required Permissions for BlackMart APK

There are few Permissions required to access the Black Marker APP.

  1.  Allow to Contacts.
  2. Should allow GPS and Network-based location.
  3. Read Identity and Phone status.
  4. Modify or delete or Read the content of USB storage.