Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: The Most Popular and successful Television Reality Show Bigg Boss is back with Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2. Nani is hosting the show for the first time. Jr NTR has hosted the Season 1 of the show and he took it the next level. We must accept the truth that NTR is the main reason for the success of the Season 1. Please Remember Vote to the participant whom you want to save, not whom you want to drop from the House. I explained Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Procedure in this Video Please Check.

How to Vote Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants – Must Watch Video

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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote 2018

Bigg Boss Telugu 2, the biggest television reality show the second season started on June 10th. 14 housemates entered the Bigg Boss house in the season 1 of Bigg boss Telugu show. In the Second Season, 16 contestants will try their luck to win the Bigg Boss title. A Special attraction in this season is, we will see 3 common men in the house along with 13 celebrities. In the introduction episode, everyone settled in the house and the real game started in the 2nd episode of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. The housemates will stay in the house for 106 days.


Image Source: Star Maa

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Details

Show Name Bigg Boss Telugu
Host Nani
Live on Star Maa
Timing 9. 30 PM – 10.30 PM (Weekdays) & 9 PM- 10 PM (Weekend)
Genre Reality Show
Start Date 10 June 2018
Contestants Refer to the list below
Language Telugu
Running Time 90 minutes approx.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants List

1Geetha Madhuri
2Amit Tiwari
3Deepthi Nallamothu
4Tanish Alladi
5Babu Gogineni
6Bhanu Sree
7Deepthi Sunaina
8Roll Rida
10Kireeti Dhamaraju
11Kaushal Manda
12Tejaswi Madiwada
13Samrat Reddy
15Sanjana Anne
16Nutan Naidu
17Nandini (Wild Card Entry)
18Pooja Ramachandran (Wild Card Entry)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting


Big Boss gave surprises to the contestants in the second episode itself. Bigg Boss asked each participant to nominate 2 persons from the house along with a strong reason. This procedure took place in Confession Room. Most of the House Members voted for Deepthi Sunaina. Housemates have nominated six participants in the first week.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Voting Timings, Process

You can vote to your favorite participant and help them escape from the elimination and be in the house. Contestant with the least number of votes will face elimination from the house. Host Nani will announce the eliminated contestant name on Saturday and Sunday episodes. In special weeks, Bigg Boss Eliminates 2 contestants at a time in the same week. This elimination is a double Dhamaka elimination. The voting will continue for the whole week and ends on Saturday. To vote your favorite contestant, follow the two procedures mentioned in this post. Bigg Boss Team will count these votes from 2 methods.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Show Voting Method 1:

bigg boss telugu vote google search method

You can search Bigg Boss Telugu Vote in Google and vote your favorite contestant. Google and Bigg Boss team partnered for Bigg Boss Voting. Search Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote and cast your vote in Google poll. This way you can vote any contestant. You need to login into your Gmail id to register your vote. You can register only 50 votes per week.

Star MAA Bigg Boss Show Voting Method 2:

The second method is the missed call method. To vote your favorite participant with this method, you need to give missed call to the allotted number for your favorite contestant. They will assign each contestant with a different number. For example, to vote Kaushal you need to give missed call to 7729998817 and they will register your vote.

BigBoss Telugu Voting Missed Call Method – Participants Allotted Numbers

Here is the list of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote all Participants Allotted Numbers to vote via missed call method.

S.No Name of Participant Number assigned
1 Geetha Madhuri 7729998801
2 Syamala 7729998802
3 Ganesh 7729998803
4 Bhanu Sree 7729998804
5 Babu Gogineni 7729998805
6 Tejaswi 7729998806
7 Roll Rida 7729998807
8 Deepti 7729998808
9 Nutan Naidu 7729998809
10 Nandini 7729998810
11 Tanish Alladi 7729998811
12 Deepthi Sunaina 7729998812
13 Amit Tiwari 7729998813
14 Sanjana Anne 7729998814
15 Samrat Reddy 7729998815
16 Kireeti Dhamaraju 7729998816
17 Kaushal Manda 7729998817
18 Pooja Ramachandran 7729998818

Bigg Boss Telugu Nominations List Week by Week

Week 1

  • Deepthi Sunaina
  • Ganesh 
  • Kaushal Manda
  • Kireeti Dhamaraju
  • Nutan Naidu
  • Sanjana Anne

Week 2

  • Babu Gogineni
  • Kaushal
  • Deepthi Sunaina
  • Nutan Naidu
  • Ganesh

Week 3

  • Geetha Maduri
  • Tejaswi
  • Ganesh
  • Kireeti
  • Bhanu

Week 4

  • Syamala
  • Deepthi Nallamothu
  • Nandini
  • Ganesh
  • Geetha Madhuri
  • Tejaswi
  • Koushal
  • Babu Gogineni

Week 5

  • Bhanu
  • Ganesh
  • Deepthi Nallamothu

Week 6

  • Deepthi Nallamothu
  • Tejaswi
  • Tanish
  • Samrat
  • Roll Rida

Week 7

Elimination for 7th Week is Cancelled for the Re-Entry Voting of Eliminated Contestants. 

Bigg Boss gave a shock to the audience and housemates as well by canceling the elimination in the 7th week. Bigg Boss gave a Re-Entry chance to the eliminated contestants. The re-entry voting process is same like elimination voting. You need to vote to your favorite contestant whom you want to send them back again into the house. Search Bigg Boss Telugu Vote for Re-Entry and cast your vote.

Syamala and Nutan Naidu made re-entry into bigg boss house with audience votes.

Week 8

  • Kaushal
  • Deepthi Nallamothu
  • Ganesh
  • Babu Gogineni
  • Nandini

Week 9

  • Babu Gogineni
  • Ganesh
  • Geetha Madhuri
  • Syamala
  • Deepti Nallamothu
  • Tanish Alladi

Week 10

  • Pooja Ramachandran
  • Geetha
  • Roll Rida
  • Deepthi Sunaina
  • Nutan Naidu
  • Syamala

Week 11

Will be Updated

Week 12

Will be Updated

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Poll

Note: This poll is just a sample poll created by us and BB team will not count your votes by voting here. You must follow the procedure explained in this post to register your Bigg Boss vote and save your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 participant from eviction.

Bigg Boss Telugu Wild Card Entry

Pooja Ramachandran entered Bigg boss house as wildcard entry in the week 7. Pooja came as a big surprise to the housemates as they are waiting for the wild card entry from a few days. They guessed who might come either a boy or a girl. But they have never that Pooja will enter the house. Let us wait and watch how many days Pooja will survive in the house.

About Pooja Ramachandran:


Pooja Ramachandran is an actress who acted in Tamil and Telugu films. She worked in films like Swamy Ra Ra, Krishnarjuna Yudham, Dalam and few more other pictures. She even acted in many ad films. Before becoming an actress she worked as a VJ in a popular channel.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Results

They count the votes and announce the voting results on Saturday and Sunday episodes by the host Nani. So wait for every weekend to know Telugu Bigg Boss Voting Results.

  • Big Boss Telugu Week 1 Voting Results: Sanjana got eliminated
  • Week 2 Telugu Big Boss Voting Results: Nutan Naidu got eliminated
  • Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Week 3 Voting Results: Kireeti got eliminated
  • BiggBoss 2 Telugu Week 4 Voting Results: Shyamala got eliminated
  • BigBoss 2 Telugu Week 5 Voting Results: Bhanu got eliminated
  • Telugu BigBoss Week 6 Voting Results: Tejaswi got eliminated
  • BiggBos 2 Telugu Week 8 Voting Results:  Nandini got eliminated
  • Bigg Boss Telugu Week 9 Voting Results:  Babu Gogineni got eliminated

Telugu Bigg Boss Season 2 Voting Rules and Regulations

Bigg Boss team have put rules and regulations to register your vote. To register your vote, you must follow these rules and regulations. The rules are as follows

  • Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Mechanism saves the contestants from elimination with the audience votes.
  • You will not win any prizes for voting.
  • To register your voting by searching Bigg boss Telugu vote online you need to have a valid Gmail account.
  • You can use your email id to register a maximum of 50 votes per week. You can use your another Gmail account to register more votes.
  • To vote your favorite participant using missed call procedure, you must have a valid mobile number that registered within India.
  • You can register a maximum of 10 votes from one mobile number for a week. In missed call method, they will not charge you for registering your Telugu Bigg boss vote online.
  • There are several websites who offer you with information and a simple voting poll. They will not count your votes if your register your votes in these websites. They count only votes registered on Google and missed call method.
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