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I Request all Kaushal Fans and #KaushalArmy not to participate in this poll. This poll helps to know what neutral Bigg Boss audience thinking about title winner and who deserves it. Thank you.



Samrat won ticket to finale task and entered into finals of bigg boss telugu. But do you think Samrat deserves to be in Top 3 or Top 5 ? Share your opinions.

Lets see how many Kaushal fans and haters are there. Share your votes below.


Some of the comments from viewers of this site:

yahh no doubt, its kaushal the better amongest all, Mrs Geetha Maduri is the lady who is trigerring all kinds of un necessary arguments and because of which the house mates are continuing heated arguments, however she is very different kind and feel like very selfish kind and remain gets into safe mode by making groups…
else Kaushal should not loose tempers at this fag end…sure Geetha will try and make his cool disturbed. but its the time Kaushal should be more patient and balanced…

SV Chalapathi Rao

Every common man likes kaushal performance he played well and his habits also good no one compared with him never seen geetha madhuri game she is worst game her behavior like cheap tricks. Kaushal is one man show I interested to see bb bcoz of kaushal still in bb house whether kaushal win r loss but kaushal won lots of fan followers


Hi big boss please understand please think once, woth out kousal we can not imagine bigboss 2 season kousal is playing real game and entertainment. When someone needs help kousal always supporting to others with out any doubt. And he will not this like other some one friend and some one enimy, he will treat everyone playing game and all are equally. That is the real strength Of kousal.

Thanks big boss.
Thanks and regards
K satya

In the begining of BB2,Iam (Now iam 60 years old)not interested to see the BB2. But my wife(55years) is paying very interest to see the Bb2 regularly.And sometimes i told her,sleep early and don’t see bb2 regularly upto late night.But she paid so much interest and speaking about Koushal to me.Then i think and also paid some curiosity about bb2 to know what is there in bb2. Iam shoked about Koshal’s play.I appreciate Koushals maturity game and attracted by his play.Koushal is only attracted me, to pull near the bb2 programme daily.I am 100% confidence, he is only winner of the BB2.Thanks to MAA TV.

Geetha Madhuri playing a big role
Actually Tanish will be in place of KOushal (like all house memebrs targitting Koushal)….
How it is:
1. In between Geetha and Koushal some differences came because of elimination and luxury budget task. From that point Geetha does not like Koushal and she targetting him. From that point she like Samrat.
2. In Murder Mistery task, first Geetha targetted Tanish, then he doesnot reacted, so after that she turned to Koushal. So she have grudge on Tanish also.
3.If she really likes or friend of Samrat, then how she target Tanish because samrat is best friend of Tanish.
4. First she will raise one of the point against Koushal in front of all, then after that others will be join.
5. From fist day onwards all memebers not like Koushal because his individual game or whatever.. when Geetha does not like Koushal from that day onwards started targetting him.

Frankly, our family is disappointed with biggboss2 because Kaushal attracts agreements. He doesn’t accept negative feedback but ready to harass housemates giving negative feedback. He spreads negativity in house.if he wants he can play his own game but hurts others intentionally and wants to gain audience sympathy. Lot of commercial social media hype on Kaushal has been a big headache. Kaushals I lose u lose concept is not healthy one. He is good player but audience expect entertainment n fun in the house. Who wants Kaushal’s game ?? Audience watch bigg Boss for entertainment n fun relaxing with whole family. But because of Kaushal’s seriousness and bossism entertainment n fun is completely lost..


Kaushal chaala worst selfish…inni votes yela vasthunnayo ardham kaavatledhu biggboss gaaru…yeh game ayina nijaayithigaa gelavaali…ilaa kaadhu..intlo andharu perfect except kaushal thappa…no values no sentiments…meeranukunteh kaushalku anni votes yela vasthunnayo stop cheyagalaru…meerendhuku serious action theesukovatledhu…thana valla nyayamgaa vunnavaallu vodipothunnaru…pls Biggboss gaaru meeru e voting vishayamlo serious action theesukondi…oka vela kaushal win ayithe idhi fake game ani choosthunna vallandharu decide avuthaaru…pls gameni neethigaa nijaayithigaa gelavaali..alaantivaallu win ayyela choodandi sir…idhi prathi okkari request

Malathi Krishna Murthy

Though I like the way of kousal play,brilliant ehthical way it is,he always begs everyone to play games,it’s really sorry to have such contests around,the way now he is handlind situation needs a strong heart and mind, I request God me with that attitude.other house mates don’t play compromises game always shows reason it’s kousal,made us to fail,,with out playing how can contests win,,,if people tend to stay please play,,not with bond’s,if bond is important please leave house,,I appreciate kousal for every step he thinks100 times to take a stand… play game well,all the very best success to you kousal


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