Bigg Boss Tamil is Back with another Season. Season 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil is going to start from 17th June 2018 i.e., Sunday. The Host for this Bigg Boss Season 2 is none other than the Our legendary star Kamal Haasan who was also hosted for Bigg Boss Season 1. Bigg Boss Season 1 was a grand hit. People show interest to watch again and again. Now, In this, we are going to discuss the voting process for the Bigg Boss Contestants-“Bigg Boss Tamil Vote”.


Before going to the voting methods. We will see how the contestants or the participants are nominated.

How are contestants in the Bigg Boss Nominated?

Contestants in the Bigg Boss are nominated based on three specific reasons.

  1. Bigg Boss might give task and if they fail to perform the task well, Bigg Boss might directly nominate.
  2. The contestants in the Bigg Boss house might nominate others.
  3. Contestants can self-nominate i.e, The contestants can nominate themselves.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Process

Voting can be in done in three ways. They are.

  • Google Online
  • Missed call
  • SMS


1.Online Process

The name itself says that Voting can be done by searching on the internet. Here,

  • You can open the browser and search “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” in
  • The names of the contestants who are nominated are displayed under Google search.
  • Click on your favorite Contestant whom you want to vote. You can vote up to 50 points i.e., you can give those 50 points to your one favorite contestant or you can share those 50 points to other contestants who are nominated. (Make sure you have signed it with Gmail account).
  • Voting ends till Friday midnight.
  • You are advised to vote only in official sites.

2. Missed Call Process

This is a simple method where you will be given specific numbers to vote nominated contestants. You need to give missed call to your favorite contestant. Every contestant is given with their unique numbers.

3.SMS Process

In this method, You will be given the format and specific numbers. You can note it down and make sure that you use the same format and the correct number is placed to vote your favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Results

The results of the Bigg Boss show will be revealed by the host on weekends i.e., Saturdays and Sundays.

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